3 Strategies You Need to Protect Your Amazon List6 min read

The opportunity offered to sellers on Amazon is absolutely huge. But this opportunity comes with a risk.

Amazon thieves / hackers, also known as hijackers, are becoming a real threat, and this threat does not seem to leave the collar of Amazon sellers anytime soon. But that shouldn’t stop you from starting your own Amazon business.

Maybe you started the Amazon business by selling the product you bought from the supplier with a little profit difference and then you decided to apply private labelling to your own products because you realized that someone started stealing your business. The process goes like this for many vendors.

But instead of leaving the Amazon platform completely and sacrificing your work with the ship load, you can keep these thieves away from your perfectly prepared list by following a few strategies.

Before talking about these strategies, it is useful to know about list thieves on Amazon. Amazon thieves are generally divided into two types.

Who are the Amazon Thieves?

Amazon thieves are sellers that give you a lower price than the price you give to get your buy box (add to cart button).

Often these thieves are Chinese or bots that run on an algorithm, but some of them may also be Americans trying to take advantage of your online success.

Second Type Amazon Thieves

Similarly, there are thieves known as parasites. The thieves do not try to take over the buy box (add to cart button), but they are as annoying as those who peep into the buy box.

Many of these parasites are bots with no sales history or no comments. A seller opened an account just before most infested your list.

What Can You Do About Amazon Thieves?

Never think that you should not wipe your shoulders and say “This is the online market, I have nothing to do.” Never give up on your job. You’ve probably put a lot of effort into getting your product list on the front line, and it’s time to protect your castle.

The first step in defense should always be to send a warning. This can be seen as a very obvious step, but many people do not know how effective such letters are on list thieves.

If this method doesn’t work, don’t worry, there are still other attack plans you can use to get rid of thieves.

If you are wondering whether you need a brand registry to follow these steps, you don’t need any (but not bad though).

Strategy 1: Threat Letter

The effect of an email can sometimes be very surprising. If fraudsters who ignore your list ignore your letter, it may be interesting to hear the same idea from a different perspective.

Is it the secret? You need to send an email to Amazon from your client account. This protest must be different from the vendor account you sent. Because you are the victim, you may want to use a hard language or be too kind to say what I said, but with a confident attitude, you should find a way in between.

You should probably not swear or curse these people in your email. Your goal should be to let them know that if they do not stop sabotaging your Amazon product list, they will be in a difficult situation.

We shared a draft you can use below. Either use the same word for word or make changes, but you have no doubt that it will affect the other side:

To whom it may concern,

Consider this your first and last warning to remove ASIN _ from your Amazon selling account. Your account WILL be suspended if you do not comply. We have successfully gotten 12 other sellers like yourself permanently shut down in the last month for doing exactly what you are doing.

Is one product listing worth losing your entire Amazon selling account and business? I’m sure that it’s not.

Do the right thing and remove ASIN _ or face legal action and the permanent loss of your Amazon account.

You have been warned.

Strategy 2: Complain to Thieves on Amazon

When you meet Amazon thieves for the first time, your first reaction may be to complain immediately. But it is better to use this method as the second step of your defense. The first method is very effective for bots because it is very easy to see if they are fake when you look at their accounts.

However, this method is not very useful for fraudsters, especially those who have had a career in looking like legal. Because these people are professional fraudsters and they know how to lie.

All you have to do is send the seller performances by email.

Follow these steps, respectively:

Go to Seller Central> Help> Contact Us.
Select Selling on Amazon> Other Issues> Report a Violation.
Let your email be short and tobacco, around 2-3 sentences. Paste the link of thieves’ shops under your email and mark your email as urgent.

This method is a method that usually results in a few hours.

Strategy 3: Order Testing from Amazon Thieves

It is unlikely that you have come to this level and other methods have not solved your problem so far. But if it did not solve, it is time to move the business to a different dimension.

Professional advice: Don’t waste a lot of time, energy and effort for a seller that doesn’t take over the buy box. The stone you throw is generally not worth the bird you frighten.

This process can take several days and if you have trademark registration, you can apply for a trademark violation.

Steps to buy products from Amazon hacker:

Step 1: Buy items from the fraudulent seller in question and choose the fastest shipping option possible.

Step 2: When you receive the product, take a few pictures of the product showing that it is fake and not your logo. If you managed to paste a fake copy of your logo, take photos of the product so that the logo is not visible. If this does not seem possible, you can also change the photos with the help of Photoshop program.

Step 3: Call Amazon as a customer and file a fake sales complaint against the seller. When talking to them on the phone, ask for a refund.

Step 4: Send an email from your client account to seller-performance@amazon.com with your order number, store link and photos attached.

Step 5: Amazon will respond to your request within 48 hours.

It may be difficult to keep your eyes on your lists all the time, but it is very important to follow such things.

What else can Amazon thieves do?

Fraudsters on Amazon don’t just steal your buy button. These people can also change:




Product Categories


Some can even use bots to let you add negative comments on your list and delete the original 5 star comments.

These people are hired thieves and try to sabotage you from all sides. When trying to make a profit from the e-commerce world, there should be no negligence.

Solutions for Amazon Thieves

If you don’t have the time to watch 24/7 at the top of your listings, programs like AMZAlert will be on guard against any attack on your store throughout the day.

You’ve probably put a lot of effort into making your list good for ranking. So don’t let any cyberbully rob you.

Remember, you are not desperate against robbery. There are always methods to respond to the attack.


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