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You’ve probably heard of the Viral Launch company. One of the tools that offers market analysis of products on Amazon. The Viral Launch team has helped thousands of Amazon vendors launch their first private brand products and witnessed almost every experience in this process: they saw good and bad, bad achievements and legendary declines. Working with massive sales and massive data, they discovered commonalities in successful ventures, desperate cases, and situations of those struggling to hold onto the market constantly.

Casey Gauss, CEO, and co-founder of Viral Launch talked about a few shortcuts that seem to be seemingly insignificant, but actually very important, that vendors often follow. Gauss thinks these 7 shortcuts have hurt the success of sellers in the world’s leading e-commerce platform. Here are 7 shortcuts that undermined success, according to Gauss:

1: “What’s the trick to get good comments?

Gauss says that incredibly many sellers ask themselves how they can get better reviews for their products and how important it is to actually sell quality products on Amazon.

Gauss has a single, short answer to these questions: “Having a good product that meets or exceeds the customer’s expectation in the given price band. The secret to getting good comments on Amazon is that simple. ”

Gauss says that they have seen a lot of sellers selling reasonable or mediocre products to spend less money or cut the cost of inventory, and that they see that they can’t sell their products no matter what they do. The founder of Viral Launch notes that they helped a few vendors of this type use the most relevant keywords, helping them to appear on the first page, but that these sellers fell back in the rankings because of bad reviews and customers who eventually gave up buying.

Compromising quality for the sake of a few cents per unit may result in the return of all investments made to the sellers as loss and the remaining inventory. Therefore, as sellers, you should definitely supply a good product that customers will love.

2: “Even if there are no suppliers, right?”

You can see suppliers like a gear of your private brand product machine on Amazon, but when you think about it, suppliers are a very basic part of your business: how do you make money without selling products?

Gauss says that a strong relationship with your suppliers will save you from a lot of troubles that will lead you on this path. This may seem trivial to you among the tens of things you have to deal with when you start selling on Amazon, but when you achieve success with your product and want to expand your product line, your communication with the supplier will become very important.

Gauss outlines a few of the negative experiences experienced by sellers who do not communicate well with their suppliers:

  • Supplier sells vendor’s product ideas to competitors
  • Suppliers reduce quality as sellers increase product volume
  • Suppliers ‘producing more inventory than sellers’ products and selling them to others
  • Suppliers increase the price tremendously for the inventory ordered in the future

In short, it may cost you a lot if you do not invest in your communication with your suppliers. As a demonstration of your liking, send gifts or bonuses to your suppliers, visit their factories, and always ask for their attention.

3: “Where can I find cheap designs?”

If you are asking this question, you are taking a shortcut. Not every expensive design is good design, but every good design is usually expensive. If you found a good designer at a super price, we have nothing to say but congratulate you at this point.

The design of your product, brand and package was not so important when selling on Amazon a few years ago. For this reason, most course providers and opinion leaders on Amazon suggested that you could enter Fiverr and blacken something cheap for your product. But things don’t work like that anymore.

As competition on Amazon increases, most sellers have gone on to increase their sales using the power of aesthetics, which has raised the aesthetics bar for all sellers. Design is now a powerful tool that affects customers’ purchasing behavior, and if your only thought about design is to find the most affordable design for your product, it’s hard to say that your sales will have a nice day.

The aesthetic element is very important in the Beauty and Supplement categories. While the consumer buys a product that makes him look beautiful, he will naturally turn to a company that knows what beauty is. If the label or package of your product appears to be made with Microsoft paint, customers will likely question your perception of beauty.

In the supplement category, you need to convince your customers to trust your brand enough to use your product. If the product label shows the product useless or of low quality, a difficult competitive war is waiting for you. Gauss says that many of the products that are not aesthetically appearing stand out in the rankings as they stand ugly next to their competitors.

According to Gauss, a well-designed product has the benefit of selling the product more expensive because the perceived value of the product is higher on the customer side. Also, design is a factor that plays a role in increasing product loyalty.

You can save money and move on to the next step quickly by using cheap designs for your product, but it is very likely that this savings will cost you more in the long run. You may have to pay more money than you planned due to lack of product sales or the need to redesign the product.

By working with a good designer from the start, you can save yourself from stress and spending more money in the long run.

4: “I have a top-of-the-line phone, isn’t it enough / Is Photoshop enough, isn’t it?”

The product photo on Amazon is almost the same as the design. An important point in aesthetic e-commerce to influence the purchasing decisions of the customers. Among the few places where potential customers can interact with the product before purchasing the product, there are also photos other than product text and reviews. If your product photos do not reflect every aspect of your product beautifully, your customers will not know how good your product is and whether they will meet their needs.

Gauss and his team, who carried out a split test, noted that the photo is very important in attracting clicks, time spent on the page, and resulting in a visit to the page. The purpose of lifestyle photographs is to present how the product is used in daily life, how big the product is in reality and the story of the product to potential customers. Guass back to photoshop etc. for such photos. does not recommend adding background with programs. Such uses provide an artificial appearance as well as diverting photography from its purpose.

The difference between a reasonable photo and an impressive photo can make you hundreds or even thousands of dollars more sales each month.

5: “How hard can it be to write a list?”

Adding content to a list can be quite easy. But writing a list with as many keywords as possible to attract customers on Amazon is another matter. Sellers who are just starting to sell on Amazon see another obligation to fulfill the product list. But a properly prepared list can have a big impact on keyword ranking and sales.

If you are writing the list yourself, make sure you do extensive product research and know enough about how to build a successful list on Amazon. If you have a list where keyword usage is applied correctly, this list will allow you to rank on all major keywords.

6: “What’s the best email draft to stay in touch with customers?”

If you do not have a very strong email system for every product, it is not possible to talk about success for your products. Getting comments that are indispensable for organic sales has begun to be very difficult on Amazon. If your product does not have a competitive number of reviews compared to other lists, you probably have trouble buying.

Gauss explains the importance of getting comments as follows: “I cannot tell you enough how important the comments are, if you are taking shortcuts on this issue, you are preparing your financial end.”

If you’re looking for an email draft to stay in touch with your customers, you’re also severely limiting your rate of receiving a reasonable number of comments. Asking your customers for comments after throwing the same emails to everyone is a behavior that does not fit your product and creates a feeling of emptiness.

If you want to increase your number of comments by email follow-up, spend time, and get to know your customer demographics. The purpose of the Emaille communication system is to improve the customer experience. If you want to make your customers’ experiences perfect, you have to write to them.

7: “I don’t want to work with Virtual Assistants – I can do it myself”

In order to make money, you must first spend money. Gauss says that one of the most difficult aspects of running his own business is to pass on daily tasks to virtual assistants or employees to concentrate on important parts. But he adds that you have to hire an assistant to work effectively.

“Whether it’s for money cuts or just not used to rusting things, not keeping a virtual assistant can be one of the most expensive shortcuts. You can think about jobs that bring you more income by holding a virtual assistant for the same or less important jobs to set up your jobs equally (and maintain your mental health). ”

Why is it not a good option to go short?

As Amazon’s e-commerce experience matures, choosing shortcuts will have more and more dire consequences. While competitors will continue to increase their market share and profitability, they will also work on all factors affecting the final profit and loss digit. As competition increases, standards will increase. To succeed now and in the future, you need to move yourself and your business beyond time.


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