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Amazon Reviews

Amazon methods include methods and programs to help Amazon make it easier for customers to leave comments for their purchases. “Reseller Methods” includes strategies that third-party vendors can use to get comments outside of Amazon’s infrastructure.

Amazon Methods

Trust Amazon Auto Tracking Email System

Amazon has its own system to track customers purchasing products. Amazon uses the automated e-mail system to track customers. These automated emails encourage shoppers to leave a comment and report problems with a product.

Use Amazon’s ‘Request a Comment’ Button

Generally, Amazon only sends a product review request email to customers. However, you can submit a second request using the “Amazon Comment Request” feature.

Amazon’s “Request for Comments Button” is located in the “Order Reports” section of the vendor panel. You can use this feature to get comments from your customers who shop from you within 4 to 30 days.

Use Amazon’s ‘Early Reviewer’ Program

Amazon’s Early Reviewer Program is a platform that encourages shoppers on Amazon to leave comments for new products. After the shopper makes a purchase, Amazon sends a review to the shopper for a gift card. To register for the Amazon Early Reviewer program, you just need to submit a product and accept the terms of the program. Amazon receives $ 60 from the seller upon review of this program.

Register Your Product on Amazon Vine Program

Amazon recently opened the Vine Program to vendors with fewer than 30 reviews who registered brands on Amazon. In the Vine program, the seller must send 30 inventory. Then the Vine commentator gets the product for free, tests the product and writes a review. In many ways, the only difference between the program, which was favored by encouraged review programs banned by Amazon in late 2016, is that the program’s reviewers are reviewed by Amazon. With this feature, you can quickly get product reviews of the products you just bought in your inventory.

Seller Methods

Now let’s take a look at the methods on how to get reviews on Amazon, namely the Seller Methods, other than the programs offered by Amazon.

Use Third Party Automated Email Responders

In addition to Amazon’s internal autoresponder, many vendors use third-party responders to send messages through Amazon’s vendor messaging system.

However, it should be noted that Amazon has started to severely limit the amount and types of messages that can be sent through the Merchant Messaging System.

Create a Contact List for Emails

If the vendor messaging and third-party automated answering system is terminated in 2020, you may have to find other ways to communicate with customers.

One of these ways is to create your own mailing list. There are several ways to create an e-mail list. You can create one through social media. Another popular method is to add an insert note to existing products and encourage your customers to join your mailing list. After creating an email list, you can request comments from customers who have purchased your product. However, it should be noted that this frequently used method may be against Amazon’s policies.

Use ‘Insert Card’

The most popular way to encourage Amazon customers to leave product reviews is by using ‘insert’ cards. Many vendors ask shoppers to leave comments by placing an insert card in their package.

However, there are some points you should pay attention to get the best efficiency from insert cards:

  • Take an objective attitude when requesting product reviews. Telling people to leave you a five-star review, or even showing a five-star image is against Amazon’s rules.
  • Provide useful information about the company and the product. Be sure to set up a network where people can easily contact you when a problem arises with the product. Well-functioning customer service will help you to avoid negative product reviews.
  • If you do not get the feedback you expect with the insert card, you can encourage people to join your mailing lists or follow you on social media. This will help you in the future.

Reduce Negative Comments

If you want to reduce the number of bad reviews on your product, you need to pay attention to two things: it is a premium quality product that can be praised. However, you should be active and be able to solve any problems that may arise with your customer service and products.

Note: Amazon no longer allows you to directly reach a customer who left a negative review through the seller messaging system.

Product Launch in Promotion Markets

The vast majority of vendors present their new products at promotional markets like Jump Send. Due to the fact that such sites are budget-friendly, the majority of customers endeavor to leave good comments to the Amazon seller where they purchase products.

However, it should not be forgotten that; In the introductory qualified Amazon product market, the buyer cannot be asked to write good reviews for free products. For this reason, you cannot receive approved reviews with the product that has been discounted or given for free.

Remember to Follow the Rules

In 2016, you could give your products to buyers for free or at a very low price in exchange for comments. This method has enabled many sellers to gain comments and popularity.

However, after seeing that Amazon caused the emergence of over-inflated product reviews, it prevented the implementation of this method in 2016.

But some sellers are still able to offer buyers discounts and rewards for positive product reviews. However, let us remind you that this situation is forbidden and if you get noticed, your account may be suspended by Amazon.

Another situation that Amazon has been blocking over the past few years is that vendors ask for comments from customers they know they have positive experiences and ignore customers who experience negative experiences.

Amazon also forbids the use of manipulative language that directs the buyer when asking for comments from customers, but this confuses sellers. As an example of this manipulative language, ‘We are a small, family-owned business.’ and ‘if you think this product deserves five stars, please leave a comment, contact us if you think otherwise.’ we can give you sentences.


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