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Donald Trump Launches His Own Social Media Platform That Appears 'Like A Remastered Version of Twitter'

Donald Trump, who was banned from almost all social media platforms in the US during the election period, officially opened his own social network. The platform, which feels like a blog, literally looks like a revamped version of Twitter.

One of the most talked about topics in the past months was the banning of Donald Trump from social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and almost every popular platform you can think of, prevented Trump from making his voice heard. The reason for such an incident was Trump's harsh statements that would literally drag people into war.

Donald Trump has announced that he will establish his own social media platform after this embargo. However, there has been no clear development on this subject until today. Now that has changed and Trump has officially set up his own social network. Although not at the desired level for now, the social network established by Donald Trump seems to be a renewed version of Twitter.

This is what Donald Trump's social network looks like

Creating a wordpress-based system, the team enables people to enter their personal thoughts by logging in here. If they wish, users can share the posts here on Facebook or Twitter. By the way, it should be said that Trump's social network is still in the testing phase, user logins cannot be made, and many functions on the site are not working.

The most curious thing about the incident was the statements to be made by Twitter and Facebook. Because the posts made on Trump's social network could be shared on these platforms. Making a statement about this, the Twitter spokesperson announced that the said posts can be shared as long as they do not violate the Twitter rules. Facebook did not make an official statement on the subject. It seems that Donald Trump has had the opportunity to make his voice heard by taking advantage of the vulnerability of the systems. However, time will show how much interest the platform will receive.

If you also want to view Donald Trump's social network, you can use the link here.