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Ethereum Became The Most Popular Cryptocurrency

Ethereum became the most popular cryptocurrency by daily trading volume. Ethereum has managed to surpass Bitcoin.

Most popular cryptocurrency by transaction volume

Bitcoin, which is the leader in transaction volume, was the most popular in the crypto money market. However, institutional investors seem to have changed this situation.

Ethereum, which ranks second with its market value after Bitcoin, has become more popular than Bitcoin. Ethereum, currently being traded at $ 1,340, has passed the $ 12 billion daily transaction threshold. Bitcoin, which has a much higher market value, has a daily transaction volume of $ 9 billion. This made Ethereum more popular despite its lower value.

When we look at the last week, we see that Ethereum has gained 20 percent. The official release of Ethereum 2.0 is the main factor in this rise. Thus, corporate companies started to adopt Ethereum more. Ethereum, which is currently among the three largest cryptocurrencies, can be said to be the cryptocurrency with the most stable performance.