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Google Meet Increases Security Measures

Google Meet will provide a safe experience for users by increasing security measures. New measures will make the implementation better.

Google Meet is looking for security measures

With the pandemic, online meeting applications are in great demand as the remote model is being adopted in business and education life. Google also wants to increase the number of users by offering advanced features to the users with the Google Meet application.

As part of the new features coming for Google Meet, administrators will be able to control their search. In addition, the platform will be more secure by providing personal privacy for external calls. In addition, thanks to the ability to hide participant information, privacy will be maintained on the platform.

The clear display of each participant's e-mail and username was annoying to users. However, with the update to be published, some of this information of users may become confidential.

However, the country, IP, and region information will be clearly visible for the users within the organization. However, external participants will not have this information. The new features, which will be launched in March, are expected to be generally available in a short time.