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Microsoft Accuses China of Attacking

The tension between the USA and China is growing day by day. This time Microsoft accused China of committing a cyber attack.

Microsoft accuses China of email attacks

The tension between Huawei and Google has turned into technology wars between two giant countries. While the US government imposed sanctions on China-based companies, this time new claims from Microsoft came to the fore.

In a statement made by Microsoft, it was claimed that China-based hacker groups attacked the e-mails of institutions in the USA. It was stated that the purpose of these cyber attacks is to reach the sensitive information that institutions have. Microsoft even gave a clear name for this attack.

A statement was made that the Chinese government was behind the alleged attack by the HAFNIUM group. It was stated that the HAFNIUM group took advantage of four vulnerabilities in the servers that were not noticed before. Microsoft claimed that the Chinese government organized the attacks by HAFNIUM in the background. In the official statement from China, it was emphasized that these are baseless estimates and accusations and that they should be based on evidence.