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Netflix Continues To Rising With the Number Of Subscribers

Netflix, the world's largest online streaming platform, continues to rise with the number of subscribers. Netflix's subscriber base reached 203.6 million.

Netflix subscribers reached 203.6 million

Netflix, the world's most popular video streaming platform, had a very rapid rise in 2020 with the impact of the pandemic. Netflix's rise seems to continue.

According to data for the fourth quarter of 2020, Netflix reached 8.5 million more paid subscribers in this 3-month period. Thus, the total number of Netflix subscribers exceeded 203.6 million. The total number of subscribers Netflix gained in 2020 exceeded 37 million. Thus, an additional $ 25 billion was generated.

In addition, considering that the Premium accounts used by 4 people are counted as 1 person, we can say that the total number of users of Netflix is ​​much higher.

Although Netflix has achieved great success in 2020, with the reduction of the effects of the pandemic in 2021 and the discovery of the vaccine, Netflix will not show similar performance in 2021.