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South Korean Prime Minister Joins Clubhouse

Recently, popular social media platform Clubhouse continues to rise. One of the political leaders, the South Korean prime minister joined the Clubhouse.

South Korean prime minister to speak at Clubhouse

The popularity of Clubhouse, which has reached 8 million downloads since its launch, is increasing day by day. The joining of famous and political names to Clubhouse further accelerates the increase in users.

Most recently, South Korean prime minister Chung Sye-Kyun officially joined the Clubhouse under the username @gyunvely. The participation of Sye-Kyun, who is shown as one of the most senior leaders of East Asia, also showed how much attention it attracted.

Chung shared his first experiences with the app on his Facebook account. Saying that the unexpected questions and reactions surprised him, Chung emphasized that the new experience was enjoyable. He stated that it is a better communication tool compared to other platforms because it is only voice and people can chat instantly.

Elon Musk, the leading figure in technology, recently invited Russian President Putin to the Clubhouse.