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SpaceX's Moon Tourist Looking for 8 More Passengers

Having purchased the first of the touristic Moon cruises that SpaceX plans to start in 2023, the Japanese fashion billionaire will choose the passengers himself for the other seats he bought on the spaceship.

Is he going to the moon for advertising?

Yusaku Maezawa, who announced that he was looking for 8 companions to come with him by advertising in the media, gave a pre-request period until March 14 for the candidates. Interviews with candidate passengers will then begin on March 21st.

On this journey, Maezawa wants to take the artists to the moon with him and set up a team that will explain the one-week moon trip in the best way in the world. Of course, with this operation, the Japanese billionaire will also create a significant demand to be able to sell high-priced fashion products by advertising them worldwide.

Elon Musk, on the other hand, states that this journey is very likely to take place in 2023, but suggests that those who are candidates for the trip also have a flexible agenda for possible delays.

Previously, Virgin Galactic company also sold space travel tickets during the tests of the spacecraft SpaceShip 1, which took off and landed, and the rich, who bought 100 thousand dollars worth of tickets, wanted to be one of the first tourists to go to space. However, due to bad tests, these candidates have been waiting to go into space for more than 10 years.