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TCL Runs on a Shape-to-Shape Foldable Phone

According to CNET's report, TCL is developing a new smartphone that combines foldable and rollable smartphones. Thanks to this concept developed by the company, the user will be able to have a much larger screen.

The world of smartphones has acquired a new genre with the participation of foldable smartphones. With the introduction of new smartphones, we have seen different foldable smart phone designs so far. Although we haven't seen many of these designs in real life yet, the designs made shed light on what we might encounter in the future.

While we were asking how different foldable designs can be made with each new design, today a news came from TCL. Transmitted by CNET, TCL's new concept design combines the hinge and rolling screen ideas we see on foldable smartphones and hosts both methods.

TCL's smartphone that turns into a tablet:

One side of TCL's concept phone is that it can be folded back with its hinge. When the phone is not folded, the part on the other half of the phone can be rolled. In this way, the screen size a user can have reaches the maximum level. To better understand the concept, you can examine the image in the lower right corner of the photo above (Pay attention to the arrow directions.)

This concept we see may actually be a little strange for today. But this phone has an advantage over existing smartphones. Normally, phones that use a folding method are thicker than normal smartphones. However, this phone will offer more screen space, although it will be the same thickness as other foldable phones. The reason for this is that the folding parts are located on both sides of the phone.

According to CNET, we will see this concept in real life. According to the news, TCL will feature this phone together with the TCL 20 series at an event it will organize in April. Still, it's important to remember that this is just a claim. So TCL may not show its new concept, even though CNET conveyed it like this.