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Will Twitter Broadcast the Voice Chat Feature?

The great interest of the Clubhouse stimulated the platforms in this area. Twitter has started beta tests for voice chats.

Works for Twitter voice chats

The rapid growth of the Clubhouse showed us the direction of the social media trend. Giant social media platforms have also increased their efforts towards this.

Text-focused Twitter is speeding up its efforts for voice chats. With its feature called Twitter Spaces, it aims to enable users to have voice chats. In fact, beta tests have been started for this feature. In fact, these tests, which started in December 2020, will reach a wider audience. This feature, which is offered for iOS users, has begun to be tested on Android users.

Android users will currently be able to use Spaces only to join in chat. However, no announcement has yet been made about creating their own chat rooms.

Twitter, which introduced the audio tweet feature in June 2020, allowed to send 140-second tweets with this feature. However, the Spaces feature will allow users to use the platform like Clubhouse.