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Yandex Went To Logo Change

Yandex, the giant name of the search engine market, made a logo change. Yandex's new logo has a more modern look.

Yandex changed the logo

Although Google has leadership in the search engine market, there are also very strong names in this field such as Yandex. Yandex changed its logo to highlight its modern identity.

While the strategy in the old logo in which the red letter Y was highlighted was also applied in the new logo, the design language was made more modern. Especially the dashed structure in the letter Y came to the fore here.

There was no general official statement regarding Yandex's logo change. It was emphasized that the logo was changed only from the Russian Twitter account. It was also stated that the logo will be used in other Yandex services.

Yandex managed to go beyond being a search engine; With its services such as Yandex Translation, Yandex Map and Yandex Ticket, it appeals to users from different fields.