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Amazon Policy

It has been a year since Amazon updated its policy banning any “attempts to manipulate comments”, but many vendors’ accounts are still suspended and banned due to review manipulation.

It is important to understand what Amazon considers manipulation to get reviews of your products to protect your account’s reputation.

What is comment manipulation?

According to Amazon, “Any attempt that directly or indirectly is wrong, misleading or fake and manipulates comments is strictly prohibited.”

What does Amazon mean when it says “review manipulation”?

Looking at Amazon’s comment manipulation policy and the situations where this policy applies, any attempt to encourage customers to write comments in a certain way can be considered as comment manipulation.

The most common form of comment manipulation is that sellers give customers discounts or gifts in exchange for writing and shipping products to the product list. Whether the comment is positive or negative does not change the situation – the important thing is whether there is a bribery attempt by the seller that leads the customer to write a comment.

Why are there rules for comment manipulation?

As the fake comment problem on Amazon has increased steadily recently, Amazon has made an agile move to stop this progress. Amazon is working to ensure that its customers have as much confidence in their platform as possible. Maintaining consumer integrity is an important part of Amazon’s reliability as an e-commerce brand.

In other words, when you shop on Amazon, the site wants you to know that the comments on the product lists are as real as possible and you can trust them.

What does Amazon see as a violation?

It may be tempting for you to find the vulnerabilities of Amazon to get the comments you need. However, with Amazon taking more and more stringent measures, the risk is not just a suspension of your account, it also includes that your lists may be permanently removed or removed from Amazon.

Here are some suggestions to avoid violating Amazon’s comment manipulation policy:

Do not offer discounted or free products in exchange for reviews.

Do not give comments to customers.

Do not rain customers to write comments on your product.

Do not ask for comments from friends, family, employees or people you keep paid.

Do not offer “thank you gifts” to your customers in exchange for comments.

Do not use multiple accounts to keep track of many people writing positive comments.

How can you get comments without problems with Amazon?

One of the most important ways to get comments without violating Amazon’s comment manipulation policies is to provide excellent customer service to your customers. Although this may seem like a very simple way, there is a logical thought behind it.

For example, it is an excellent form of customer service to send customers a few verifications, complementary emails after the sale takes place. These emails do not provide an excellent opportunity to satisfy your customers and highlight your brand, they also encourage your customers to comment.

We know that you cannot ask customers to comment in a certain way, but you can ask them to write comments indirectly. An effective way to ask customers to write comments is to send positive messages asking them to give feedback after their sale.

By keeping in mind the following principles, you can offer your current and future customers a good buying experience:

  • Send an order verification email to contact.
  • Prepare your message by focusing on perfect customer service, not on comments.
  • Let customers know that you appreciate their time and ask them to comment towards the end of the message.
  • Give your customers a good reason to comment, say, for example, that the comments offer better opportunities to serve customers like them.
  • Make sure you don’t want positive comments from customers. Amazon can see your message as a manipulation attempt.

Amazon expects vendors to understand and adhere to their policies. If you get caught while manipulating comments to highlight your product, you can seriously harm your business and get thrown off the site. The earnings you make in the short run are no more important than the results you get in the long run. So focus your efforts on product quality and the positive experience that customers will have, so that they can come back to you as a comment.


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