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Amazon Best Seller Badge

If there was a formula for earning the badge that says Amazon #1 Best Seller with a white ribbon on the Amazon orange background, it would be something like this:

Amazon #1 Best Seller mark = Sell the most products in your category / A specific time period not officially announced by Amazon

Although this formula is correct, it does not reflect the whole picture about the small and cute orange ribbon. To earn this badge, it is also necessary to perform well in areas such as competition, calculation and category.

About the badge

The Amazon # 1 Best Seller badge consists of an icon that appears on the product detail page, indicating that the product is the best selling product in the category. In each category, there are usually 100 bestsellers. The more popular the category (eg “Pet Supplies” – Pet products), the more diverse and competitive the top 100 best selling products of that category. If it is in a highly sought-after subcategory (For example: Knots, Macrame & Rope Work Craft Books – Knots, Macrame & Rope handcrafted books), there is less variety and competition among bestsellers.

Some subcategories do not even contain as many as 100 products because the categories are very small. Another effort (and success) is required to put your product in the bestseller list in the “Toys and Games” category than in the “Traditional British & Celtic Digital Folk Song” category. But being top of both earns you the #1 Best Seller badge.

Amazon’s Bestsellers and Facts About the Amazon #1 Best Seller Badge

  • In Amazon’s own words: “The calculation of Amazon’s best selling products is based on sales on and updated every hour to reflect the sales history and current status of each product sold on”
  • As with the A9 search algorithm, Amazon does not reveal the formula it uses when calculating bestsellers, but several factors are known to be effective.
  • The bestseller is updated every hour, which means that the bestseller list and the # 1 Best Seller badge become available to all sellers every hour.
  • When a product loses its bestseller status or badge, whether it is an hour later or a month, unless it regained its place, the badge is gone from the product detail page.
  • Not all categories always show the # 1 Best Seller badge. If the best-seller algorithm is not satisfied with the incoming data, no badge will be shown in that category for that hour.
  • Whether your product is sold by Amazon or you buy it, it is open to all sellers. Whether or not you use the FBA method is not a criterion to get this badge.

Bestselling Potion: Competition, Calculation and Category

  1. Competition

If your numbers (price, comment, account status, etc.) are in good condition and your lists are prepared in the best way, you are ready to compete and be successful.

Low prices, “sold by Amazon” and “prepared by Amazon” are signs that provide trust and green light to your customers. This will help you get the Buy Box (Add to Cart button) as well as helping you to be at the top of the search results and thus to become the best seller by selling more.

There is only one seller you can’t compete with, and that is Amazon itself. If Amazon has a private label product, that product will be “Amazon’s Choice” in the category and will receive more attention in terms of the order. Probably this product is low price and definitely prepared and sold by Amazon. However, this scenario is not yet valid for all categories. This means that with very good competition, you can achieve the best-selling status and qualify for the badge.

If the badge appears on your product detail page, you will benefit from taking a screenshot because the best sellers are updated hourly and if another product shakes your product’s throne, you may have to say goodbye to the badge.

So you can be the best seller for an hour and lose this status without even realizing it. This means that holding the badge as much as it takes is a labor-intensive process.

2. Calculation

As we said earlier, it is not known how the Amazon algorithm calculates the best selling product. Therefore, we cannot give you the calculation formula, but we can talk about a few accepted theories.

  • The best selling products algorithm is likely to take into account the forecasts as well as sales history. Amazon does a really good job of guessing.
  • Sales periods are neither historical nor instantaneous enough to take into account the momentum in sales when a new and super cheap product is released. It is not without reason to focus on recent sales.
  • Amazon Best Sellers are the best selling products according to the algorithm. What will not move you to the top is comments. The Amazon # 1 Best Seller badge is an icon for sale only. (The comments are of course taken into account indirectly, without good reviews, your sales will probably crawl in places.)
  • As a seller, you will definitely apply big discounts and promotions to increase your sales volume and speed. However, never attempt to mislead the algorithm with unethical or unstable methods. Play the game according to the rules set by Amazon.

3. Category

As we mentioned before, all categories are not equal. For this reason, it is more likely to achieve the best seller status in the super small sub-categories.

If you want the best selling status, you should definitely list your product under the category with the most relevant and least products. You may also want to list your product under more general categories to make it easier to find by customers who look at the broad categories.

Because many customers search for products using the keyword instead of navigating the category while looking at the product, sellers should be careful when choosing their categories if they want to reach the bestseller status.

Do not list your product in a category without direct connection

To earn the best-seller status or # 1 Best Seller badge on your product, you can rarely choose a category that is relevant to your product. But we can count a few reasons why you should not try this method:

  • It does not match the misleading and fair play spirit. Put yourself in the shoes of the customer and imagine seeing an irrelevant product and the unrest you will experience in a category you look at. Don’t be the seller behind that disappointment.
  • A customer who leaves the page after purchasing it after looking at a product detail page can seriously damage the product ranking in the big picture. If customers leave Amazon on your page without purchasing it, Amazon notices it and considers it a negative trend. Amazon also evaluates the time spent on the page and immediately notices if little time is spent on the page. These are negative developments for Amazon. If the customer visiting your page leaves the purchase, it is also a failed sales enterprise for Amazon, and Amazon uses this visit against your product.
  • The pain of bringing Amazon into the game comes sooner or later from vendors. If you regularly list your products under less competitive categories, Amazon will eventually understand this. It is not worth getting your bestseller status or # 1 Best Seller badge to give up your rankings and give up sales privileges. If the badge tempts you enough to manipulate the categories, ask yourself if it is worth the risk to get the best-selling status or #1 Best Seller badge for an hour.

Undoubtedly, the # 1 Best Seller badge has a visual appeal and is also important to customers. However, this badge appears on the product detail page rather than the search results and offers a temporary order.

Don’t let a shiny badge paint your eyes. Take steps to ensure that your product is a bestseller in truly legitimate categories, do not get tired to buy or keep your best-selling badge.

Focus on keywords and optimizing your list, a high ranking in search results, and encouraging customers to enter your product page to buy your product. Think about what your customers are looking for and who is choosing your product. Focus on customer service and stay in touch with your customers during and after the sale. Keep an eye on real awards such as sales, brand awareness, customer satisfaction, and loyalty.


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