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Amazon Reviews

If you want to move your business forward at Amazon, there are two questions you need to answer:

1 – What do your customers think of your product?

2 – What are the good practices that can be done to give comments to your product? The key word we will focus on today is; feedback.

If people don’t give feedback on your products, you won’t be able to clarify:

  • How your product is valued by people.
  • Whether there are defects that will directly affect the sale of your product.
  • Whether you are a trusted brand in your field.
  • How you perceive your own product and whether you can make improvements to your product in parallel with this.

Ninety-seven percent of consumers say Amazon product reviews directly affect their choice. Some factors can be overlooked when selling on Amazon. But product reviews are never one of them.

Customers who will shop from Amazon will consider three things:

  • Price
  • Prime (free, fast shipping) badge
  • The number of comments made about the product

There is a thought in the mind of the consumer: the more comments there are about the product, the safer it is to buy it. However, the thought that ‘if there are so many people who bought this product, the product is not bad’ also prevails. At this point there are definitely a few prevailing thoughts.

Do a lot of comments on a product always mean that the product is good? No. Does having too many reviews on a product create more confidence? Yes.


Another point to be noted is the current state of the world. Due to the spread of the coronavirus, Amazon has become more popular than ever before, and the brands that people prefer frequently have been out of stock, and there have been problems such as prolonged shipping time. This is an important example of how careful consumers can be about product comments. This situation affects the sellers making sales by both FBM and FBA method.

Why are Amazon reviews important?

  • It allows you to better understand consumer demand and interest.
  • It increases your popularity.
  • Getting more comments will indirectly put you up in the rankings.
  • It is a great marketing tool.
  • Increased trust in you, the reputation you have earned and, of course, an increase in sales rates.

How to get good Amazon reviews?

  • Be honest in your work and provide your customers with excellent consulting service. Most negative comments are written because the customer’s expectations were not met. Make sure that the language you use while promoting your product is simple and understandable.
  • Do not lose your attention to your customers after sales, learn their good and bad comments about your product.
  • Product introduction cards have gained an important role again, you can have your orders prepared from the cards with your information! These cards will enable your customers to get to know you better and to have a more permanent place in their minds.
  • Communicate actively with consumers, always ready and available to help with their problems.
  • Be creative, if you stand out from other vendors with your ideas, your sales will not only increase, you will be more permanent in the industry.

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