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Amazon Sales

Sellers are struggling to keep up with the frequent changes on Amazon and to implement the most up-to-date, correct sales strategies.

In this article, we will share with you tips on how to increase Amazon sales in 2021. By following these tips correctly, you can take your business to the next level!

Stand Out From The Competition

Amazon experts say it’s vital to differentiate your product listings from your competitors. It is important to stand out in areas where other vendors do not respond or provide solutions.

All the details on your list; The photos, the product description, the product title should convince your potential customer why they should buy your product.

The most effective way to do all of this is to examine the user reviews of the products you compete with and work on them.

  • What do buyers say about related products?
  • What are the three most influential factors in buyers’ liking of the product?
  • What are the three most influential factors for buyers’ negative comments on the respective product?

Thanks to this information, improvements to your product list and photos will help you stand out from the competition.

Create a Brand Registration

Establishing your brand registration by applying to Amazon for “Brand Registry” protects you even if counterfeit products are sold under your brand. Therefore, although registering your trademark as soon as possible will bring a time-consuming and costly process, you should not ignore it.

In addition, another benefit of creating a brand registration in Amazon will be “A + Content” access. This allows you to create much more advanced product description content. In the “Product Description” section, you can reflect the quality of your brand and your different product contents to potential customers with photographs different from the article. This way, you can dramatically increase the purchasing rate of potential customers visiting your list.

Create a Customer Base

It is a well-known fact that building a customer base on Amazon plays a role in long-term success. There are multiple ways to do this.

You may want to consider creating mailing lists first. When you launch a new product, share it with customers on your email list who trust your brand and who you think will be interested in the product you are going to sell.

Set up social media accounts for later. You can attract new customers to your brand with the links you will add under your posts, especially on sites such as Instagram where you can easily be seen by people other than your followers.

Think Global

You don’t have to limit yourself to a single marketplace!

If you are making your sales in the American market, consider expanding the borders of your business to Europe. The European Union is getting closer to America every day as its market size. As this uptrend continues, the payoff of taking your place early can be huge.

For more detailed information about selling in Europe, you can check our article “Hidden Gem in the Amazon World: Europe”.

Create Content to Drive Traffic to Your Lists

Many Amazon experts agree that content created to be displayed outside of Amazon is important in driving traffic to your listings.

If your products on sale are on specific topics and categories, it would be wise to set up a website that will inform customers or increase their interest in these categories.

If done correctly, you can direct high traffic from organic searches on the internet to your products. Having a product link on your website will mean you receive sales from a customer community that you normally don’t have access to.

Pay Attention To Stock Control

Keeping track of your stocks can be more effective in the performance of your business than you expect. For example, Amazon can increase or decrease your inventory limits by looking at goods receipts and issues.

Stocking large quantities of products will increase your storage costs in the short and long term. Otherwise, trying to do business with too little stock may mean that you will miss out on important opportunities.

The correct determination of your future sales expectations, the increase or decrease in your sales due to periodic effects is the key to success in stock control.

Aim for Products with High Search Volumes

In order to run business successfully, you must launch high quality products. But it is also true that finding the perfect product to sell in this increasingly competitive environment is getting harder day by day. The key to success today is through products that can suddenly rise in many search terms.

So what do we mean by that? After you find a few products that you think are suitable for sale, you should make sure that the product you find appears in different and high-volume search terms to customers to beat your competitors.

It is difficult to say that a product that only matches a limited number of search terms can be successful. Especially considering that it has to compete with highly commented products in this competitive environment.

On the other hand, products that reach customers with too many search terms will continue to generate sales from different sources.

In order to take the right steps in this regard, you should examine the “keyword” or search terms of the products you will compete with and act with a plan to be obtained from here.

Contact to “Influencer”

Customers tend to buy products with the advice of someone they trust. Therefore, in order to increase sales on Amazon, you can communicate with people who have an influence on the masses via social media called “Influencer” and promote your product.

Having someone buy and review your product makes their followers trusting them your potential customers. It creates the opportunity to reach an audience that you normally do not have access to.

You can talk directly to an influencer related to the product range from channels such as Facebook or Instagram. For example, if you’re selling a beauty product, it might be helpful to talk to someone who influences people on social media about makeup.

It is true that this marketing management is costly, but if you send your products for free, you have the opportunity to find people to review for you. This part is completely negotiable.

Use Instagram as a Sales Channel

Today, Instagram has taken over the social world and now it provides a great opportunity for businesses to reach customers.

If you have an account with FBA sales in Amazon, you can create a social promotion code by entering the “Advertising> Promotions” tab and share your links with your customers in this channel.

Instead of dealing with all this tough competition on Amazon, sellers are turning to Instagram ads more and more every day, also avoiding the rising PPC (Pay Per Click) offers.

Get Outside Support

You cannot be expected to be an expert on every subject on Amazon. Nowadays, it is easy to reach experts who provide consultancy on almost every subject. This will not only save you time but also increase the value of your business.

Getting help from experts on subjects such as photography, advertising campaigns, account management is one of the keys to managing a successful business.

It would be the best choice for you to leave this job to professionals instead of damaging the health of your seller account by proceeding through trial and error at points where you are not sure how to do it.

A Brand Is More Than A Product

One of the mistakes that new sellers on Amazon often make is that they think brand building is limited to a few products that sell.

A brand stands on three different foundations. Customer base, sales channels and product. All these items must work together. Success is absolute in every branch to take your brand to the next level.


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