What is Crypto Money, How Is It Produced, What Does It Do?6 min read


Crypto money, which is the window of today’s virtual world to the economy, is a very curious concept in recent years. In this article, we have explained the answers to the questions such as what is crypto money, what is it for, and how it is produced for you, our valuable followers, in the simplest way.

Although crypto money seems complicated at first to those who do not know, it is based on a system that is not as complex as it seems. This system, called block chain, provides the security of information that has no physical counterpart. We can think of this system as a notepad that can never be deleted, controlled by all users.

We have included the answers to the questions such as what is crypto money, how it is produced, what is it for, which has managed to attract the attention of many people and organizations, including investment companies.

What is cryptocurrency?

Crypto money is a digital currency that uses special encryption systems for security. The main difference between Paypal and credit card payments and digital banking applications was that there was no physical equivalent of money.

Since crypto money cannot be managed by any authority or any state, it takes itself one step forward by being more secure than other systems. Therefore, cryptocurrencies have a stronger hand against other currencies or virtual methods.

How is crypto money produced?

Crypto money is built on a model created according to user demand. Cryptocurrencies are not tied to a specific government or central authority. Cryptocurrencies have certain production limits (Exceptions). The production process of crypto money is carried out with a technique called crypto money mining.

Crypto money mining is an information technology management where all users approve of each other. Just as a miner digs the land and reaches the reserve, Crito miners process information just as they dig the land. More powerful systems, that is, higher processing power, are required to better process this information.

What does cryptocurrency do?

  • Trading on the stock exchange
  • Investment
  • Money transfer

Another question that comes to mind right after learning the concept of crypto money must be about what it does. Cryptocurrency exchanges hands, usually by trading. It can be used as an investment tool. Allows bank transactions to be made without using physical money. The crypto money system, where you can make uninterrupted transactions 24/7, has pros and cons for individuals and communities.

One of the main advantages we have mentioned is that it is independent from states and a group. Apart from this, factors such as being a very resistant system against closure and censorship and ease of money transfer are among the other advantages. However, among the things that we can count as the minus side, there is undoubtedly the fact that it is connected to a device, although it is safe because it happens in a virtual drive. For this purpose, cold wallets (memory units) where crypto currency codes can be stored have been produced.

How to get crypto money?

There are many intermediary sites where you can buy and sell crypto money. Users who are members of these sites can buy cryptocurrencies with different payment options. You can see how much crypto money you can buy for the money you pay and you can buy crypto money according to your budget. You can buy cryptocurrencies from platforms such as Parabu, BTCTurk, Binance, KuCoin, Coinbase.

Above, we gave the answer to the question of how to buy crypto money. Of course, crypto money can be purchased through these platforms, which are a virtual formation, but you should never forget that you need to research the platform you will purchase and consult expert opinions when purchasing, as in all purchases.

How to use crypto-money?

You can contribute to your budget on a small or large scale by being smart. You can buy and sell cryptocurrencies online or offline through the websites listed above. You can also keep your crypto money in the system called crypto money wallet.

The crypto money wallet is divided into a cold wallet and a hot wallet. The hot wallet is connected to the internet and is available at any time. A cold wallet is not connected to the internet and is an application where you can store your cryptocurrencies offline. Also

Is crypto money legal?

It is completely legal to buy, sell, produce and invest in crypto money. However, it is a legal situation in countries of the world except Vietnam, Iceland, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bolivia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Macedonia, and Qatar. States such as China, India, Ecuador, Nepal, and Zambia have increased controls and imposed restrictions.

In our country, there is no legal basis for the crypto money system. The transactions and transfers you make are not under the protection of the law or an official institution. However, you can do transactions related to crypto money without any restrictions.

Who was the crypto money invented?

In the 2000s, many attempts were made regarding digital money. The first digital currency was released in 2009. The first digital currency to be launched was Bitcoin. It was created by a person or group using the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamato. Who or what the username Satoshi Nakamato represents is still unknown today.

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Tether
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Litecoin

Bitcoin, which first emerged as a cryptocurrency in 2009, has been used most actively since then. Cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Tether, which follow Bitcoin in the market, take their place among the cryptocurrencies that are actively used after Bitcoin. These cryptocurrencies, with a daily transaction volume of billions of dollars, are among the most preferred among users.

Where to track crypto-money?

The crypto money market is a market that can be followed through stock exchange sites. You can follow up crypto coins by examining them on the basis of year, month, week, and day. You can follow which cryptocurrency has decreased or increased in what amounts on these sites. As a result of your analysis, you can make the right investment in line with your own or experts’ opinions.


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